Smart Optometry Application

About App

Smart Optometry™ application is an interactive smartphone and tablet application for eye screening and quick diagnosis. First of its kind – it provides eye-care practitioners with a simple to use, fast, precise and interactive experience. Smart Optometry brings freshness and innovation to the eye-care profession. It promotes eye health, educates the public and motivates clients to collaborate effectively.

Smart Optometry application includes 15 different standardized tests!



Assesses the ability to distinguish between fine and finer increments of light versus dark.



Test measures the clarity of vision or its ability to resolve detail at near.



Test assesses macular cone and optic nerve function, furthermore it also screens for aquired or heredity colour vision defects.



Eye screening and testing shouldn’t be difficult and inconvenient for neither practitioner or customer! Smart Optometry application is very simple to use: just select the test, read through short guidelines for performing the test, execute it and let our application give you the final result: basic diagnosis or point you in the direction of possible problems that need more thorough examinations!



While you are filling out paperwork for a patient, he or she can already test his or her eyesight with basic tests provided by Smart Optometry application. There is no logistics involved in performing the tests: just pick up your iPhone or iPad and test-away!



Eye testing and screening often requires eye-care professionals to make calculations – giving the room for error. Eliminate this risk with precise calculations and interpretations done by our Smart Optometry application. Our tests are as precise if not more than the currently used testing equippment.



Wouldn’t it be easier to let patients do the things you ask them, rather than try to explain what they see to you? Smart Optometry application is uniquely interactive: user presses buttons, draws on the screen and this way provides precise results – while having fun! Interactive handling with the Smart Optometry application also enables it to give you result interpretations.


There are some other features that Smart Optometry offers you.

Useful calculators

In your practice you often have to calculate and convert different numbers. This takes time and gives room to potential errors and mistakes. We offer you a solution: Smart Optometry PRO comes with useful calculators for converting glasses power to contact lenses power or converting visual acuity to different units.

Different languages

Eye examination has to be done very preciselly and all potential circumstances for errors should be eliminated. One such field is field of a language barrier. To ensure precise execution of eye examination, it should be done in patients mothertongue. We are committed on ensuring that our app offers and supports as many languages as possible!

Latest news

Being up-to-date with latest news and developments in eye care industry gives you an edge and an opportunity to offer your clients state of the art and well informed service. App brings you daily curated news from around the world: what breakthroughs were made and how others are succeeding in providing their patients with best care possible.

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