Smart Optometry is a company developing digital solutions for eye care. But it is much more than that.

It’s a group of people who understand that vision is crucial for our life. It’s a group of people who love making things that change people’s lives for the better. It’s a group of people that is determined that technological advancements should be used for good. It’s a group of people that refuses to believe that health is not accessible to everyone & everywhere. It’s a group of people that believes that together we can do better.

So, to sum it up – Smart Optometry are people.

We come from different backgrounds, we have different experience, education and skills. But together, we work great, which is confirmed by more than 125,000 users of our solutions worldwide.

Žan Menart

Chief Executive Officer

Matic Ozebek

Chief Operating Officer

Blaž Grah

Chief Technology Officer

Nina Velikajne

Data Analyst

Dejan Lidjan


Peter Lahajnar

Web & Marketing

Anika Bizjak

Marketing Specialist

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