AmblyoPlay among exibitors of Web Summit!

Between Nov 6-9 Web Summit took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit is the largest gathering of technology community in the world with 60.000 attendees from both corporate and startup worlds, as well as policy leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and NGOs.

Each year selected startups get to present their solutions to this group of attendees on dedicated stands. This year Smart Optometry was among the chosen ones with our latest solution – AmblyoPlay. In the vicinity of HealthConf stage, where inspiring eHealth and MedTech topics were discussed, constant stream of interested investors, fellow startup entrepreneurs as well as media flew by Smart Optometry stand and there were many who stopped to both learn more and try out AmblyoPlay on their own.

Positive feedback that was received was an instant inspiration and encouragement for the continuation and finalisation of the development of this smart vision therapy for children with AmblyoPlay. It once again underlined how wide-spread this problem is, with several visitors reporting their own personal experience with Vision Therapy in their youth, or the experiences of their relatives. What was mentioned very often is precisely the focal point of AmblyoPlay: problem is not that there are no vision therapy methods that work; but rather, none of the current methods is not fun, stimulating and engaging enough.

Lisbon once again proved that for 3 days each year it becomes startup/tech capital of the world, providing inspiration and energy boost for all attending. Final Center Stage lecture by Al Gore on climate change was just the final example of that: encouraging all to take action and make this world a better place for current and future generations!

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