New website online!

Following the progress in the development of applications, we are also improving our main company website. It is mobile-compatible and responsive and as such provides for a better user experience. We removed all the clutter and put in focus what you want and need – based on analytics that show how the website was used and what were the most sought after information.

New website will offer general overview of our product portfolio and bring you the latest news about both our company, our partners and the progress international eye care industry is making. We will be publishing relevant blogs from both our in-house experts and outside experts. Under ‘Downloads’ section you can find all our products and where to download them, while you can find out who we are under ‘About Us’ section. It is very important to keep in touch with all of us – therefore we would be thrilled if you were to use the ‘Contact’ tab and let us know what you think or what you would like us to do next!

Specific products (Smart Optometry and others currently in development) will only be briefly presented on this website, but we are making separate showcase websites just to present you our products in depth. These websites are as of now in the development and you can expect their publishing in coming weeks.

Enjoy and Smart up your vision!

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