Smart Optometry Among Health Pioneers in Amsterdam!

At the end of October, Smart Optometry was among 100 best healthcare startups being presented at Health Pioneers conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This conference is the ultimate meeting point for innovators advancing digital healthcare across Europe and beyond and brings together major healthcare startups, innovators, corporations and investors.

During the 2-day event, we had an amazing opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges of health sector, especially what are the main challenges that face new startups entering this industry. It became apparent that talent and knowledge are the main strengths that startups bring to the table, while a lot still has to be done in regards to addressing the regulatory demands in this field.

Smart Optometry, with both Smart Optometry vision screening application for eye care professionals as well as with AmblyoPlay vision therapy for children with binocular vision dysfunctions (such as lazy eye), joined the lively discussion emphasising the role of preventive medicine and timely intervention to avoid much more severe health problems in the future. The decision to venture into children health care with AmblyoPlay using new technologies and offering remote supervision to the physicians, while maintaining product user friendly and highly intuitive, was lauded as a great example of keeping solutions simple for the users with complexity running in the background.

Although the 1-on-1 meetings were scheduled throughout the whole day, the main stage offered many interesting lectures and presentations by already well established startups. Statements like that of Johannes Schildt co-founder of market-leading Swedish video doctor platform KRY: »90% of primary healthcare will be moving online,« or “Data is going to be the foundation of the transformation in health care,” by Bart de Witte, Director of Digital Health in the DACH region for IBM Germany only further emphasised that the future of healthcare is in digital and that it will be driven by personalised and customised approaches based on the data. Bart de Witte further emphasised this importance: »Going forward we need to start thinking in terms of a platform economy, stop using data protection as an excuse to block innovation and put more money into the market. And there’s going to be a huge battle to become the platform that’s a kind of Google for health data.«

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