Following our official launch to the U.S. market last week, we are continuing the process of becoming a household name for the field of vision therapy in the U.S. by exhibiting at largest and most important optical exhibition in the America – Vision ExpoWest!

AmblyoPlay and the team behind this award-winning vision therapy solution for children with lazy eye will be atVision Expo West 2019 between September 19-21! Visitors of the largest expo dedicated to eye care in the U.S. will got a chance to get to know AmblyoPlay, as well as learn about the possibilities of how it can help patients achieve better results faster and in a more engaging way!

While AmblyoPlay can be used as a standalone solution it’s optimal intended use is as an addition to traditional vision therapy procedure performed by the trained professional. In every VT process some home-based activities are required and the patients are struggling to comply with this part of the training because it is unstimulating, boring and repetitive. By offering this segment of eye training in a gamified and engaging form we can significantly improve the speed and quality of the outcome! Why not include AmblyoPlay as part of the process!

At out booth, we will be running presentations and demos throughout all 3 exhibition days (Sept. 19-21) and there will also be an opportunity for more one-on-one discussions about both the product as well as potential business cooperation.

To meet with us, please visit THIS webpage and leave your contact information – or simply drop by!

About Vision Expo West

Vision Expo West in Las Vegas is the largest optical event in the United States that brings together more than 15,000 eye care professionals, buyers and influencers. It’s an event where eye care meets eyewear, education, fashion and innovation and is as such a perfect fit for AmblyoPlay. Learn more about Vision Expo West at

About AmblyoPlay

AmblyoPlay is a vision therapy solution for children with lazy eye, mild strabismus or convergence insufficiency that is performed through playing therapeutic games and exercises every day for 30 minutes through specialized software. AmblyoPlay complements in-office vision therapy and increases at-home vision therapy participation through gamification. AmblyoPlay was developed by eye care startup Smart Optometry, which previously developed the Smart Optometry app for eye doctors, currently at 75,000 doctors using it worldwide. Learn more about AmblyoPlay at

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