Introduction to healthy eating in order to maintain and enhance the health of eyes

Nutritional rich and well balanced nutrition is one of the most necessary conditions which must be ensured for the proper functioning of the human body. When we talk about influence of healthy food on human health, we have to think about the basic building unit of our body, that is human cell. Human cells can be healthy only if they are well supplied with basic nutrients, oxygen and water. In order to provide before mentioned conditions for healthy cells we also need healthy cardiovascular system, which is necessary for transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells and removal of waste products out of the cells.

Before we start talking about healthy nutrition that have beneficial effect on eyes, we have to look up into the eye anatomy and physiology of different body tissues that are included in anatomy of a human eye.

The human eye is constructed from the following tissues:

  1. Muscle tissue (striated muscle and smooth muscle)
  2. Sensory cells (photoreceptors on retina)
  3. Nerve tissue (optic nerve)
  4. Connective tissue

Important part of human eye anatomy is also water that represents almost 99 % of vitreous.

Each of these body tissues requires certain nutrients that enable their normal functioning, growth and renewal.

Most important nutrients for strengthen and maintain the health of your eyes are vitamins (β-carotene (vit. A), vit. E, vit. C, folic acid, B-complex), minerals (iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium), ω-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and water. It is also important that diet do not include larger amount of sugar and trans fatty acids, which can lead to various health problems with eyes.

More information about nutrients and their role in strengthening and maintaining healthy eyes follow in the following publications.

Written by Peter Jantol

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