Despite the snowy storms in the NE United States, we are undoubtedly fast approaching spring time. As the days start getting longer and the outsides warmer, we start thinking more about our health in general. While there are many blogs and websites that can help you with individual aspects of health, we will be focusing on our website on the elements that effect our eyes – and since they say that »Eyes are the gateway to our souls« – we can learn a lot about our health just by looking and examining the eye. It shows possible issues, deficiencies, as well as reflects (un)health lifestyle in general.

Throughout March and April, we will be publishing articles that will help you lead healthier life – both for your general health, as well as for the health of your eyes. We will be touching upon the importance of nutrition and how its ingredients affect the eye health. Additionally, we will share some eye health tips on all our platform and some eye health challenges in which you will be able to participate.

We are starting tomorrow with first blog post about nutrition and eye health – an introduction in a series of blogs! As the U.S. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics puts it: »Put your best fork forward!«

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