New in Smart Optometry: VA+ (Visual Acuity +)

Examining the person’s ability to distinguish black letters or numbers on a white background is very important. It is usually performed at far, however our way of life demands testing also at near. Visual acuity at near should be tested in all clients, regardless of the client´s age. People are more and more used to use phones on a daily basis; this is why they would also be more familiar with the reading text on the smartphones than on traditional paper charts. Test measures the clarity of vision or its ability to resolve detail.

Reading test (as part of Visual Acuity and Visual Acuity+) is used to verify that the prescribed correction is appropriate. When dealing with clients with low vision, the main concern may not be optics, but functional performance, since it is the basis to prescribe suitable magnification.

Smart Optometry application already includes Visual Acuity test, but now we are introducing Visual Acuity+, which takes interactivity to a new level! Professional game-like interaction provides very precise results, as well as makes it fun and interesting for the clients and patients.

Visual Acuity+ is available as an in-app purchase in iOS version of Smart Optometry.

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