Today Smart Optometry Ltd released an important update to Smart Optometry PRO application for both iOS and Android operating systems. It is very important to update as soon as possible. The changes done are mostly backend based and are important to lay the foundation for the future of the application in 2017.


One change all users will notice is that after the update you will have to Sign up in the application (just first time after the update). It is very important that you use the working e-mail when signing up, since this will be you authentication key for the future of Smart Optometry.

Reasons for change

But why implement this change? At the beginning of 2017, Smart Optometry will launch in a new form: we will remove Smart Optometry Lite and only keep Smart Optometry Pro. It will become free to download in the App Store / Play Store, however all but 3 tests will be locked with an in-App purchase (same price as Smart Optometry Pro will be before the change). However, to ensure that users of the application that already paid for Smart Optometry PRO do not end up with locked tests, we are adding this two-stage authentication. All PRO users, who will update their application and will Sign up in the application by December 31, 2016, will keep all the benefits they have right now.


Additionally, we added a new characteristic to the application with a question about your Occupation (asked when Signing up). This is important for us to analyse, how users of different occupations use our application. It will enable us to further customise and personalise the application to you.

Thank you for yours continues support and update right away!

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