Exciting News for our Smart Optometry App!

Smart Optometry Application

Explore the features of No. 1 Optometry App at our new website. Discover 15 clinically verified standardized tests, detailed here for easy understanding. For eye care professionals, seize advertising opportunities reaching over 400,000 eye care professionals from the field. See and be seen with Smart Optometry App! 👁️✨

Announcing our new Smart Optometry App Website

Check our new website to get up to date with our new Smart Optometry App, and learn about the app’s features! The app is used all over the world, taking advantage of our innovative and science-based app.

The new website focuses on presenting all the features of the No. 1 optometry app, which comprises:

  • interactive tests,
  • calculators, and
  • latest eye care news.

Explore available tests on Smart Optometry App

Smart Optometry application includes 15 different standardized tests for a wide range of basic eye screening. Our tests were clinically verified in numerous studies and are as precise if not more than the currently used testing equipment.

The new website focuses on describing all the tests, so the users can:

  • understand their purpose,
  • know what equipment or set-up is needed, and
  • get to know the tips for interpreting results.

Read about possibilities of advertising with us

If you are searching for opportunities of advertising in the eye care sector, we are open for collaboration. The Smart Optometry App, our newsletters and strong social media channels are a multichannel advertising platform that reaches over 400,000 eye care professionals.

Read more details about the possibilities of cooperation using banners, interstitials, sponsored new, social media, push notifications, newsletter marketing & more!

Fill in the questionnaire at the end of this page and get a custom quotation. We will create a custom offer for your target audience and market(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

How many standardized tests does the Smart Optometry App offer?

The Smart Optometry App provides 15 clinically verified standardized tests for comprehensive eye screening.

What advertising opportunities are available with the Smart Optometry App?

Advertising opportunities include reaching over 400,000 eye care professionals through the app, newsletters, and social media channels.

How can businesses explore collaboration with Smart Optometry for advertising?

Businesses can read more details on collaboration possibilities here. In short, they can choose from banners, interstitials, sponsored news, social media, push notifications, and newsletter marketing. They simply fill out a questionnaire for a custom quotation tailored to their target audience and market(s).

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